We are very much in need for the following articles of clothing items:

  • Summer clothings for women and girls: t-shirts, tops, tank-tops, shirts, blouses, dresses, shorts, skirts, pants, etc.
  • Summer clothings for men and boys: dress shirts, shorts, pants, t-shirts, etc.
  • Summer clothings for children (from age 0 and up): shorts, pants, shirts, sleepers
  • Brassieres, under-wears (for women, men and children), slips
  • Shoes (for women, men and children), socks, swim-trunks, swim-wears
  • Women’s suits, men’s and boys’ suits, women’s pant & skirt sets

No quantity is too small or too large as long as they are in good useable condition: not worn-out, thread-bare, torn or ripped. Call 780-486-5552 for pick up, or drop off at our warehouse, 17806 – 107th Avenue.

We also have urgent need for the following items for our humanitarian and empowerment work in Africa:

  • Used cellular phones, with or without batteries; with or without power adapters
  • Used dump trucks, in working condition or not; we have mechanics in Africa who can fix them and make them run
  • All-terrain-vehicles, in working condition or not; our mechanics in Africa will perform wonders and make them well again
  • Bicycles: all types, all conditions
  • Cargo vans and/or cube vans for picking up donations-in-kind

Your donation of any of these items will be considered a donation-in-kind and eligible for tax-deductible receipt. Thank you for caring about Africa.