International Student Recruiter

International Student Recruiter

In the relentless pursuit of its Cause to “Facilitate Education,” Africa We Care has entered into a non-exclusive contractual agreement with the Grant MacEwan University, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada “for the purpose of student recruitment” in Africa.

Services and Responsibilities of Africa We Care to the Grant MacEwan University:

  1. Africa We Care shall use bona fide and commercially reasonable efforts to market and promote the University and its programs and to solicit students for the University. Africa We Care has the right to publicise its representation of the University.
  2. Africa We Care shall represent the University in a positive, fair, truthful and professional manner as a well-established, qualified institution of learning.
  3. Africa We Care shall make truthful representation on behalf of the student and/or itself to the University.
  4. Africa We Care shall facilitate the completion of application forms by the student applicant and the provision of appropriate documentation for Students Authorisation as specified by Canada Immigration.
  5. Africa We Care shall handle sensitive personal (name, address, identification numbers, etc.) and general information (academic grades, etc.) of students and prospective students with confidentiality and integrity, and safeguard this information against accidental or unauthorised access, use or disclosure.
  6. Africa We Care shall forward all inquiries in a timely manner to the International Recruitment Office at the University.
  7. Africa We Care shall be an independent contract worker and will not be an employee of the University.
  8. Africa We Care shall bear its own costs in performing its duties and obligations hereunder and shall not purport to charge any fees, costs or expenses against the University.
  9. Africa We Care shall maintain regular communication with the University through the International Recruitment Office regarding the status of international student applications.
  10. Africa We Care is not, and shall not hold itself as, an agent of the University in law. Africa We Care has no power or authority, and shall not purport to exercise any power or authority on behalf of the University, so as to cause the university to enter into, or assume, any obligation whatsoever.
  11. Africa We Care shall provide a statement to each and every student recruited by it that:
    1. acceptance into the particular program applied for is subject to the final approval of the University; and
    2. the terms of the enrolment are set out in the Calendar of the University and are to be provided to the student by Africa We Care, and that Africa We Care has no authority to vary the terms thereof.
  12. Africa We Care shall, in carrying on its duties hereunder, comply with all the local laws and regulations of the jurisdiction in which it carries on business.
  13. Africa We Care shall not show priority or preference to products, services or programs of one educational institute over another.

Services and Responsibilities of the Grant MacEwan University:

  1. The University shall provide Africa We Care with current information, brochures, promotional materials, fee schedules and application forms for student recruitment.
  2. The University shall provide, in a timely fashion, a Letter of Acceptance for admitted students.
  3. The University shall grant refunds to applicants in accordance with the refund policy, as stated and published in the Calendar of the University.

This opportunity that goes a long way to foster and facilitate education for African youths is a responsibility that Africa We Care treasures immensely. It is an honour and privilege conferred on Africa We Care by the Grant MacEwan University that Africa We Care will not take lightly, and promises to carry out its duties with diligence, vigour, and integrity.

It is worthy of note that the Grant MacEwan University has been a long-time supporter of the Africa We Care Books for Africa Project.

I am personally grateful to Dr. Rick Lewis, Director, MacEwan International for making all this possible.

Dr. Chukwuemeka PM Obiajunwa, (PhD.)
Executive Director
Africa We Care