Africa We Care announces the launch of a new project which provides small loans (as little as $50) to African business people (many of them women), enabling them to earn a living, expand their cottage industries (and in the process, employ others), and provide valuable services to their local communities.

Read more about the Micro-Credit Project and get involved. It’s a win-win partnership!


(100% of the donations we receive go to our projects dedicated to the alleviation of suffering in Africa. At Africa We Care, self-sustaining is not only the bedrock of our projects – it is our modus operandi. Our administrative overhead is not covered by the donations we receive, but by the productive economic activities we undertake.)

A SINGLE GIFT of $50, $75, $100 or more will go a long way to empower the impoverished people of Africa; by making gainful productive economic activities possible; enable the people of Africa to regain their basic human dignity; have their self esteem restored; take charge of their lives; and take care of their children and families.

Mail your tax-deductible donation today to our address provided below. We will thank you with an Africa We Care T-shirt.

A MONTHLY DONATION would make you an honoured Friend of Africa We Care, and would go a long way to alleviate the suffering in Africa. You can designate the project to which your donation will go.


  • $10/month will pay school fees for 50 school children/students
  • $15/month will pay the salaries of five teachers
  • $20/month will provide over-the-counter medicines, pain-killers and analgesics for over 20 families
  • $25/month will provide support for about 10 families taking care of victims of AIDS
  • $30/month will help defray the cost of shipping school books to Africa

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