The Cause

In almost all the African countries, the preponderance of economic activities is carried out by women. By and large, women are the traders in the market; they are also the farmers. They are the homemakers — the heart and soul of the family. The activities they juggle are impoverished and subsistent.

A five dollar credit made available to a market woman would go a long way to augment her meager articles of merchandise, make her farm better, enhance her profit margin and enable her to feed her family more than one meal a day.

Draught has ravaged Africa for the past several years. It has been blamed for a lot of the maladies that beset the continent. Irrigation is easily achieved through boreholes, submersible solar-powered pumps and a few miles of garden hose. It would cost less than $2000 to accomplish a simple feat like this — giving new life to a whole village.

Africa We Care
Africa We Care
Africa We Care
Africa We Care

With better and more modern tools, this carpenter could be more productive and would be able to employ all the able-bodied young men standing idly by.

This is a sewing institute for young women. With more and better sewing machines, more young women would be trained, given employment and a chance at a better life.

These are but a few examples of empowering Africa — one village, one community at a time.

What Africa needs is a hand-up and not a hands-down.

Africa We Care is dedicated to helping Africans extricate themselves from the vicious cycle. We do not want to give them of our wealth — we want to help them accumulate their own. We do not want to take care of their children — we want to make it possible for them to take care of their own families. It is the vision of Africa We Care to make a reality the age old adage:

Teach a beggar to fish and feed him forever.

This is the raison d’etre — The Cause for Africa We Care.

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