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How You Can Help

Make an investment, rather than a donation, and help launch very poor women as entrepreneurs through tiny loans that help them escape the vicious cycle of disease and poverty; hopelessness, helplessness, and powerlessness; and enable them to regain their basic human dignity, restore their self esteem; make it possible for them to take charge of their lives, and take care of their families.

In this day and age, bold thinking and new ideas are critical if we are to win the fight against global poverty. Aid the old fashioned way is dead aid: it did not work way back when; it never worked today; and it will never work tomorrow. Micro-credit is the most effective way to lift Africans out of poverty.

You can get involved in various ways:

  • Contact Africa We Care, and we will provide you with the name and particulars of a needy woman entrepreneur in Africa. You personally make a direct investment in her enterprise and change her life and the life of her family forever;
  • Send your target investment fund to Africa We Care, and we will make the investment on your behalf in a needy woman entrepreneur in Africa. We will then provide you with the details of the recipient of you investment funds;
  • Make an investment in the Micro-credit Loan Project of Africa We Care from where funds are loaned out to clients, mostly women, who after careful planning, advice, and counselling are about to start up a business enterprise, or expand an existing one.

No amount of investment is too small or too large. In Canada, the amount of your investment will be considered a donation and will be receipted for tax purposes.


Click on the photos below to learn more about these women, and how your participation in theĀ Micro-Credit Project can make a real difference in their lives: