Vision and Mission

The Vision

Africa We Care is dedicated to the alleviation of the suffering of the most impoverished people of Africa by providing the basic necessities like clean water, and medicines; facilitate access to education; offer assistance to HIV/AIDS victims and their care-giver.

Africa We Care believes that the alleviation of suffering is not, and ought not be an end in itself. It is rather a means to a permanent solution. It is not enough to simply address the symptoms of suffering, poverty, privation, powerlessness, helplessness, and hopelessness. It is imperative and binding on all well-meaning bodies and organizations to earnestly seek, find, and implement solutions to the systematic factors that have lent themselves to the perpetuation of a vicious cycle. 



The Mission

Africa We Care believes in solutions based on empowerment. By seeking to empower the impoverished people of Africa , one community, one village at a time, Africa We Care enables people and communities unleash the innate resources and capabilities that make possible the change that transforms their lives for the better.

Africa We Care seeks to promote, encourage, support and work with community-based organizations and groups in Africa to create gainful and productive economic activities. By making gainful productive economic activities possible, Africa We Care enables the people to regain their basic human dignity, restore their self esteem, take charge of their lives, and take care of their families.

Africa We Care