How often have we heard or read that $1 a day would feed an African child, and send him to school, and provide medical care; which is probably true. What happens to this African child after he has been fed, schooled and medicated, no one has ever bothered to know or find out.

Africa We Care believes that the sick, malnourished children we see on TV are just the smoke from the fire that rages underneath. It serves no real useful purpose concentrating effort fanning the smoke while the fire of hopelessness, helplessness, and powerlessness continues to ravage the neighbourhood and environs.

When your $1 a day feeds the child, sends the child to school; the child goes back home to his parents and environment that has stayed the same, or further decayed. The child takes his place in line to produce the next generation of sick, malnourished children read to be fed and sent to school. That’s whatAfrica We Care refers to as the perpetuation of the vicious cycle.

After your $1 a day has sent a child to school; he goes back to his village, town, and environment that have nothing in terms of employment to offer him.

  • He is educated but unemployed.
  • He feels more despondent and disillusioned than his parents.
  • He is very vulnerable and susceptible to all kinds of evil influences.

The unemployment rate in Africa is about 75% to 80%. Most of those lucky enough to be employed are either underemployed or redundant. The employment rate for university graduates in Africa is about 1 in 100. Invariably, the employer is largely the government which in the main is inefficient, ineffective.

There is very little or no manufacturing of any kind worth mentioning that goes on in Black Africa. (Next time you are shopping in a department store or supermarket, be on the lookout for any product made in any Black African country. You will find none.)

There is a saying that you give a beggar a fish (read: $1) you feed him for a day; you teach the beggar to fish (read: empower) you feed him forever.

Africa We Care believes that what African need is a hands-up, not a hands-down. Africans need empowerment so that they can take care of their own children and families.

Africans need opportunity, not charity. What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

If no one wants to be a charity-case, why is charity good for the Africans?

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