Please Support Africa We Care Raise Funds to Ship Medical Equipment & Supplies to Africa

In Africa today, very deplorable healthcare and sanitary conditions are the causes of the rampant and frequent outbreaks of pandemics and epidemics like Ebola, polio, typhoid, and malaria that continue to ravage the continent in this day and age.

It is one of the tragedies of our time that in many African countries, healthcare facilities are destitute and indigent, at best. At worst, the most rudimentary of facilities is completely lacking in some countries.

Routinely and needlessly, men, women, and children die of the most easily preventable and curable of illnesses and diseases like fever, headache, and diarrhea.

In Africa today, one in 5 children still die before their first birthday; one in 5 women still die in child-birth. The average life span of Africans is still miserably at 47 years. The ugly statistics go on and on.

 Africa We Care, dedicated to the alleviation of suffering in Africa, has embarked on addressing this intractable healthcare issue. And we need your support.

This is the Digoe Clinic in Owerri, Nigeria, where a team of husband-and-wife doctors selflessly and relentlessly do battle with diseases and illnesses, mostly preventable and curable, if only they had the right medical equipment, instruments, and supplies to aid them.

 To this effect, Africa We Care made a commitment to adequately equip, revamp, and renovate the clinic.

(The hospital and medical equipment are being loaded onto sea can containers for shipment to Africa.)

Here in Canada, Africa We Care has received a lot of medical equipment, furnishings, and medicines in donations, mostly from the Gibeault family of Morinville, Alberta, to fill several sea can containers. These containers, filled with life-saving supplies, are ready to be shipped.

I am appealing to you for your financial assistance to enable Africa We Care defray the estimated $30,000 in the shipping costs of these medical equipment and supplies to Nigeria.

We need your support. No amount is too small, but will go a long way in alleviating suffering in Africa

You can conveniently and securely donate online through our PayPal account. Go to: Click on DONATE NOW.
Or, you can donate by cheque to Africa We Care (medical), and mail to:
Africa We Care
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No amount is too small, and will be receipted for Income Tax purposes.
Your support will go a long way in helping to alleviate suffering in Africa.

I thank the Gibeault family (pictured right) who donated most of the hospital and medical equipment to Africa We Care.
Back Row, Left to Right: Jarred, Jory, and Len;
Front Row, Left to Right: Laura, Virginia, Eric, and Lenny.

Thank you very kindly.

Chukwuemeka Obiajunwa
Executive Director
Telephone: 780-486-5552